Coaching and Mentoring

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Coaching and Mentoring helps develop your skills as a trader. Each session is adapted to your needs, building on the knowledge you have already learned. A single coaching session can be as little as 30 minutes or may extend to a whole day trading with us. You may book multiple sessions.

Half-day or full-day sessions of coaching can be booked in one of our meeting room locations, particularly cost effective for customised learning or if two people each want half a day of individual coaching at the same venue.

Coaching 121 – One hour

Single coaching sessions cover a wide variety of topics. The first session following attendance on a classroom course should generally be scheduled around two weeks after your course.

Structured Coaching

We can provide longer term coaching support, or more structured coaching sessions. For example, our traders are frequently approached to start a programme of development with traders with some trading experience, but who are yet to achieve consistency.

Or perhaps you have taken a trading course from another organisation and are unhappy with their support?


Your trader keeps notes from each of your coaching sessions, including your achievements along with any feedback or recommendations offered to you.

Talk to a trader

You may have some questions or you could want to have a chat before you book your coaching. Call 0203 603 4983, or use the contact us page to submit an email question. Book your coaching online or, call 0203 603 4983.