What we will teach you

What we will teach you

Trading is so much more than simply learning a strategy.

Many aspiring traders focus on acquiring a strategy without the necessary knowledge of how the markets operate. This is a mistake, as a strategy is not the most important aspect of trading.

Plan B Trading have adopted a holistic approach to trading, offering a full structured training programme to take you from the beginning to being able to trade your own funds.

You might be a complete beginner who has never traded before. Or you might have had a go and found that it wasn’t as simple as you expected. Or you might have made or lost some money trading and not really understand why or how it happened (we refer to this as gambling). Whatever your starting point, Forex Trading – The Essentials provides the knowledge you need to trade professionally.

What will we teach you? You’ll learn how the markets work and how you can make a profit trading.

You’ll find out which brokers are on your side and which ones are looking to part you from your money.

You’ll open a practice account. We’ll take you on to open a live account when you’re ready.

You’ll learn to read the markets to make good trading decisions. You’ll know what makes the markets move and how you can benefit from price movements.

Carry on with your life while trading the markets by placing conditional orders in the market, even when you are not around. It’s called set and forget trading.

You’ll learn sound financial planning and management, including compounding, risk management and trade sizing too. You’ll find out about leverage and margin calls to make sure you never get one.

Your comprehensive programme cannot avoid trader psychology either.

Naturally, you’ll get to grips with some great strategies as you use the trading software provided and trade the markets with your own trading account. Forex Trading – The Essentials provides more than 13 hours of tuition. Study the materials at your own pace and in your own time with the reassurance of email support throughout your subscription.

You may have some questions or you could want to have a chat before you book. Call 0203 603 4983, or use the contact us page to submit an email question.

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