Coaching 121

Coaching 121 provides you with coaching and mentoring as a follow up after attending a Plan B training course. Traders who have not attended a Plan B training course will almost certainly benefit from the personal guidance and on-going development provided by a professional trader.

What you will learn

You can re-visit any of the topics covered on your course, as well as getting any answers to questions related to your practical experience trading. You may want feedback on your trades, or to look at specific indicator use, or any other matters to help you develop as a trader. One-to-one time is your opportunity to sit next to a trader.

The one to one I had with Dave was brilliant
K.O. – East Sussex – August 2013

Preparing for your coaching

Each coaching session is concise to achieve maximum cost benefit. Make sure you know what you want to achieve from the session. Have any records and information you need readily accessible. You should be in an environment where you will not be disturbed for the duration of the session.

Excellent pointers and guidance
G.B. – Somerset – November 2013

During your coaching

You will discuss your chosen topic/s with a trader, either face to face or using Skype. You should have access to your computer for your trading records plus any charts or other information provided by the trader to support you during the coaching.

You should take coaching sessions after attending your training course to provide additional support for your trading and to consolidate your learning. The trader will want to review your trades and comment on the trades you have taken and just as importantly, trades that you decided not to take. Of course you can ask the trader questions too, including a recap on any part of the course.

The best coaching I’ve had. Mark took time to explain
and show me where I was going wrong
I.L. – Manchester – September 2013

Follow up

Take more Coaching 121 sessions as needed. Consider taking multiple coaching sessions for further tuition/coaching/feedback on your practical trading following attendance on any of the courses.

Mark explained even more I did not know
D.H. – Bournemouth – November 2013

Duration: 30 minutes, 45 minutes, an Hour, Two Hours or Half a Day

Coaching sessions are available during market opening hours, including evenings and are conducted next to a trader in an office environment or optionally, remotely using Skype. You may book multiple sessions to run together or at different times. Sessions start at the agreed time.

Special MULTIBUY options are available for delegates who have subscribed to the online Forex Trading – The Essentials course. This offers either 3 x 45 minute or 5 x 45 minute sessions to be taken while you are subscribed to the course.

Talk to a trader

You may have questions or want to have a chat with a trader before booking your coaching session. Call 0203 603 4983, or use the contact us page. Book your coaching session online or call 0203 603 4983.

Suggested content

  • Review your trading activity so far
  • Recap on any aspects of trading you are unsure of
  • Q & A sessions
  • Scaling in / out of trades / trade management
  • Fibonnacci
  • Discipline
  • Level 2 order book
  • Starting a SIPP
  • Broker queries, using the software
  • Specific trading goals
Trading review
  • Why trading
  • Your goals
  • Your trading day
  • Strategies and objectives
  • The trading week
  • Measuring progress
  • Your P&L account
Record Keeping
  • Which strategies
  • What information to record
  • Forms to use
  • Recording information
  • Reviewing trades
  • Scoring trades
  • Analysing your performance
Structuring the Week
  • Long term time frames
  • Recording general market direction
  • Assessing news
  • Relevant web sites
  • Recording results
  • Analysing your performance
Trading Plan
  • Why trading
  • Your goals
  • The trading day
  • Strategies and objectives
  • The trading week
  • Measuring progress
  • Your P&L account

Prices for Coaching 121

One to one coaching sessions:
Single Delegate
Multiple Delegates
30 minute session, in person or over Skype £90 n/a
45 minute session, in person or over Skype £120 n/a
One hour session, in person or over Skype £150 2 delegates, £210
Two hour session, in person £270 2 delegates, £375
MULTIBUY – 3 x 45 minute sessions (2.25 hours), in person or over Skype £315 n/a
MULTIBUY – 5 x 45 minute sessions (3.75 hours), in person or over Skype £480 n/a
Half day session (3.5 hours), in person £435 2 delegates, £585
Check the list of Coaching 121 sessions available. Your search can then be narrowed down by location and trader. Full payment for the coaching session is due at the time of booking. All bookings are subject to the Plan B booking terms. The price you see is the price you pay, with no extra taxes or on-going fees for trading. Your quotation will include the full price payable, availability, any alternatives and details to accept the quotation. You need to make your own travel arrangements to your chosen venue. Talk to us about alternative venues if those on the list are not convenient for you. Alternatively, for a half day or a full day coaching session, request a quotation first.

E&OE. Our policy is one of continual improvement and course content may be updated to reflect market conditions.