Forex Trading – The Essentials

Forex Trading – The Essentials

Learn to trade Forex with the Plan B online course Forex Trading – The Essentials. For the complete novice, Forex Trading – The Essentials provides a thorough grounding in Forex trading. More than 60 full HD video lessons you can study in your own time are complemented by practical sessions and instructor support to get you trading.

Forex Trading – The Essentials – £295.00

This online training course provides a thorough introduction to trading Forex. There are more than 60 individual lessons, each one recorded in full 1080p high definition. With a blend of tuition and practical demonstrations, the lessons are grouped into 10 modules with a total study time of over 14 hours. You can study the lessons in your own time, again and again without limitation throughout your 3-month course subscription. The course is supplemented with practical exercises and quizzes to test your understanding of trading. You should expect to spend some 18 hours or more in total studying this course.

Forex trading course contents

Module 1 – Getting started – 9 lessons
Module 2 – Tools of the trade – 6 lessons
Module 3 – Trading platform – 7 lessons
Module 4 – Charting – 7 lessons
Module 5 – Support and resistance – 10 lessons
Module 6 – Orders – 8 lessons
Module 7 – Risks – 7 lessons
Module 8 – Trading – 7 lessons
Module 9 – Indicators – 4 lessons
Module 10 – Final thoughts – 5 lessons

You have access to the instructor throughout your subscription should you have any questions during the study of this course. Review the full course agenda. Access to Forex Trading – The Essentials is from the Plan B learning portal. You can subscribe to individual modules from the Plan B learning portal if you prefer.

Who should subscribe?

This course is designed for delegates with no trading or investing experience and will build your knowledge from the ground up. The structured approach of this course means it is very suitable for delegates who have attempted trading, maybe with limited or no success, and who now recognise there are some gaps in their knowledge.

Live trading

Your training course includes several practical projects, including live trading in the markets. You’ll learn how to trade breakouts, consolidation and channels in this course. The foundation will help you with any other strategies you opt to acquire. Market conditions necessarily dictate the number and nature of trades available. Trading skills and confidence can be enhanced through live trading and feedback. As well as having an instructor on hand to help with questions during the course, you may wish to consider booking one or more coaching and mentoring sessions while you have access to this course.

Talk to a trader

If you have some questions or want to have a chat with a trader before booking your course. Call 0203 603 4983, or use the email any queries through the contact us page. Subscribe to Forex Trading – The Essentials now or call 0203 603 4983.