Why you should learn

Why you should learn

Why you should learn to trade.

At Plan B Trading, we offer you the opportunity to become a successful financial trader and earn consistent profits from trading the financial markets. In order to become a successful trader you need training and our comprehensive online course will provide you with all the tools required to be successful.

Full Time Trading – Trading as a business.

Once you have mastered the skills we teach you in our online course and start to earn even a modest income trading, it does not take much more to become a full-time trader and turn trading into a business. As a business, trading has a lot of attractions:

  • You don’t need special premises, you can trade from home.
  • No staff and no boss. You are the only member of staff and you report to yourself.
  • No stock required, the only asset is your computer and your trading account.
  • You can double your profits without having to double your office space, stock, or staff.
  • Your income is only limited by your ambition.

At Plan B Trading, we’ll teach you how to set up a business as a financial trader and help you achieve all your financial goals.


Part Time Trading – Earn Extra Income.

Over the past few years, many incomes have failed to keep pace with increasing prices. For many ordinary people, a small increase in their income would make a massive difference. You don’t have to be thinking of thousands a month.

The beauty of trading your own account is that once you have mastered the skills that we teach you, it does not take a huge amount of effort to earn an additional income of £500 or even a £1000 per month.

Part Time Trading – Building your Savings.

For many people, trading is a way of building a nest egg. These days, interest paid on savings in dismal to say the least. The value of savings is decreasing year on year as inflation erodes the real value. Let’s look at what might happen if you decide to trade for investment, rather than income.

You’ll learn how to trade with low risk in an environment that can readily yield returns of 3% per month. Many traders make returns significantly higher than this, but for this example, let’s assume 3% per month as a consistent average. To put that in context, a 3% return is £30 on an investment of £1,000, or an average of just £1.50 per day.

That level of return made consistently and using the compounding strategies you will learn will double your money every two years. That means if you started trading with £5,000, you would have £10,000 after 2 years, £20,000 after 4 years and so on.

It means you’ll have £160,000 available after 10 years which is a significant lump sum earned from a modest initial capital.

Part Time Trading for retirement. – Pension Planning

The conventional way of saving for your retirement was to set aside a percentage of your salary each month. With diminishing returns and increasing costs, this way of saving for retirement has limited appeal, unless you are lucky enough to have a retirement fund linked to your final salary in some way.

Rather than putting aside a percentage of your salary each month in a standard pension plan, why not put aside a percentage of your working week instead? Imagine learning how to successfully trade 5% of your salary in the financial markets.

As with building a nest egg, trading is a way to build your pension pot as a lump sum for retirement.

Please note we are not authorised to offer advice on trading your pension fund – we only teach you skills on how to trade and all pension enquiries must referred to your Independent Financial Advisor.

Trading In Retirement.

I have found many people in retirement really enjoy trading. It’s not just about making ends meet and supplementing a pension, as trading provides people with a stimulating interest. I’ve had many retired clients tell me how much they thoroughly enjoy and look forward to their trading.

In summary.

I’ve just given a few reasons why I think you should learn to trade. You will no doubt have your own, as there are many more that I can list here.

You maybe currently in Plan A, which involves a life of years and years of education and passing exams, going to university and ending up saddled with a huge debt. Then into a JOB (Just Over Broke) for any number of years, surviving and ending up poor in retirement. Pretty gloomy, but that is what most of us are conditioned to do with their lives.

Or you could end up like me who a number of years ago discovered there is a Plan B and have been enjoying it ever since. You owe it to yourself, to give it a go and join me on this exciting journey.